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Find out why PCB copper clad laminate from the surface of the circuit plate
   Edit:管理员   Browse:642  Date:2015-12-10 

Sign: ink adhesion, coating adhesion is poor, some can not be etched away, and some can not solder.

Check methods: usually can see the water formed on the surface of the plate for visual inspection:

Possible reasons: because the release film caused by the very dense and smooth surface, resulting in less copper surface too bright. Usually the side in the laminate without copper clad laminates, manufacturers did not remove the release agent. Copper foil pinhole, resulting in resin outflow, and deposited on the surface of the copper foil, which usually appear in the thinner than 3 / 4 ounce weight specifications of copper foil. The excess copper foil coated on the surface of copper foil on the antioxidant. The change of the resin laminate maker system, demoulding thin or brushing method. Due to improper operation, there are a lot of fingerprints or grease. In the oil with punching, cutting or drilling operation.

A possible solution:

Recommend laminate manufacturers using fabric like films or other release material. Contact and laminate manufacturing method, eliminating the use of mechanical or chemical. Contact and laminate manufacturing, each batch of unqualified copper foil; for removing resin grilled recommended solutions. To manufacture laminate for removing method. Often recommend the use of hydrochloric acid, and then use the method of mechanical brush removal. In the laminate manufacturing before any changes with the laminate maker, and the user specified test project.

All process education workers wear gloves with ccl. Understand really laminates in transportation whether suitable pad of paper or loaded into the bag, and the sulfur content of the pad of paper low, packaging bags no dirt, pay attention to ensure that no one is using silicone containing detergent to contact copper foil, in front of the before plating or pattern transfer process for all laminates except oil treatment.


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