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Electronic dog to the cloud depth analysis of "cloud electronic dog
   Edit:管理员   Browse:927  Date:2015-12-10 

2013 January 1, regulation HiMSCI introduced stimulated electronic dog market consumption policy, bring the electronic dog market consumption quantity of blowout, throughout the Spring Festival after the electronic dog market, "cloud" concept has become a new round of market trends and electronic dog industry have started a new round of industry upgrade? Electronic dog what can be called "cloud electronic dog"? What is the difference with ordinary electronic dog? Many dealers and consumers how to distinguish between true and false "cloud electronic dog"? The concept of "cloud" for the development of electronic dog industry what is the significance?


The basic working principle of electronic dog "


Electronic dog is a used to prompt owners in front of police speed camera, avoid owners because of carelessness and traffic violations of the electronic equipment, which is mainly composed of three parts: GPS module, with high operation ability of MCU and radar signal receiver. The illegal application of electronic detection equipment and police dogs often use is closely related to the. The police used forensic vehicle violation equipment generally has two categories: the first is to realize the transmitting and receiving device by radar. The radar receiver part of electronic dog is the main equipment to play the role of such. Another type of police equipment is fixed camera device installed, such as red light camera device and electronic monitoring equipment etc.. The police equipment itself does not emit radar waves, so electronic dog radar receiver cannot the made active detection, the manufacturers of electronic dog often need to prior to spend a lot of manpower and material resources in the nationwide acquisition points of camera location information and integrated into the database after storage in dogs and electronic equipment, so as to provide early warning service for the vehicle.


Corresponding to these two types of police equipment, electronic dog products usually have two parts function module: fixed speed part and radar. Part of the fixed speed warning performance mainly depends on the manufacturer's database is perfect or not, and whether the user according to the manufacturer's requirements in a timely manner to regularly update the data within the device information. Part of the radar warning effect depends on the performance of radar receiver in the electronic dog. The performance of the general radar receiver only depends on the following factors: first, the sensitivity of radar receiver. High sensitivity detection distance is relatively longer; second, the radio frequency range of radar receiver can receive the. Electronic dog receive frequency range determines the electronic dog themselves can be used in many kinds of police equipment; third, electronic dog false alarm rate. Because the air is full of all kinds of electromagnetic wave signal, the frequency and the radar gun is very close, therefore, another factor to measure the performance of the radar receiver is able to filter invalid signal, reduce the rate of false positives. The performance of radar depends only on these factors, but there are a lot of every hue advertising slogan on the market. A truly responsible electronic dog production enterprises in advertising appeal, be sure to considering the marketing demands of design must be based on products, the actual performance is improved as well as the core technology of index rising above, rather than when the products of repackaging, advertising language is more unreliable, misleading consumers and dealers. In fact, this is a short-sighted behavior, unrelieved by consumers and dealers of false advertising lost confidence. Finally, damaged or by the manufacturer. The sound development of the industry

Manufacturers need to integrity and self-discipline.

What is the "cloud electronic dog"?

"Cloud electronic dog" refers to the interactive data of GPS radar warning device terminal in real time with the central server, the center server and client service center collaborative for customers to provide vehicle safety management and road safety early warning information through a wireless network. "Cloud electronic dog" service integrates global positioning system (GPS), packet radio transmission system (GPRS) and geographic information system (GIS), which provides the safety warning services in real-time and comprehensive has been greatly improved.

"The difference between cloud electronic dog and ordinary electronic dog

Ordinary electronic dog has two aspects of functional limitations: first, users need to timely car equipment, and computers connected to update the fixed data points, otherwise probably because of equipment within the data updated version do not lead to timely and some photographic point omission or false positives. Second, the domestic part of the region's police equipment will constantly adjust radar transmitting radio frequencies, and the police will from time to time to upgrade or replace different types of police equipment, ordinary electronic dog radar receiver for receiving control function design of X-band radar are accomplished by an analog circuit, it can receive the wave frequency range in equipment factory has solidified in the product and cannot be changed. So in this circuit design mode of production of the radar receiver is unable to achieve the "a model for the effect of all the country's police equipment". These two functional defects, with the "cloud electronic dog" has been completely resolved. First of all, "cloud electronic dog" server will will the new packet is transmitted through the wireless network to the device, auto complete data equipment update, well ensures the data in real time, for solving the equipment data update delay caused by the leakage problems. Secondly, we cloud electronic dog "configuration of the radar digital device receives radar waves in the frequency range is accomplished by controlling the" digital circuit ". Therefore, it receives a police equipment of radar wave can be accurately calculated the police equipment emission frequency. Based on this condition, the electron cloud dog can freely control equipment to receive the radio range, when the radar band of a regional police equipment


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