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Car camera trend
   Edit:管理员   Browse:741  Date:2015-12-10 
The security camera Seth about 10 years Juxian grand essence. The overall trend of vehicle data recorder; on-board camera is mainly a camera mounted in the car blind area, so the owner in reversing or traveling can Needless too much thought to check the car's surroundings. And if installed in car camera under the premise, to install a car video, then the owner is can be recorded along the pavement condition and safety anti-theft anti scratch even if you encounter pengci 360 degree photographic record of the can also become a first-hand evidence, so now owners in the purchase of a new car, driving on the road when, buy car camera Saite beauty camera of complete functions, convenient installation; high-end products exhibit became the consumers love. The on-board camera on the market a lot, it is very important to choose a good brand. Saite beauty car camera is in accordance with the intention of consumers, but also fit the car the original design, the market advanced HD coms1089; cmos139 camera chip and PC1030; low high-definition CCD noise; has 420 line line 700 800 line combination, for owners who provide affordable products to do the safety guarantee of reversing! Saite beauty security products are surveillance camera; car video, 360 degree visible camera bus, bus, car, taxi, car logistics, real time monitoring products series. Beautiful Dorset in 2013 for some time in the future continue to service for the masses to; contact 13713856961; Chen total; vehicle monitoring sales director for all services, complaints and suggestions to buy can call


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