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Vehicle Andrews system vehicle monitoring system, vehicle anti-theft electronic automobile safety record
   Edit:管理员   Browse:634  Date:2015-12-10 
Vehicle video surveillance systems, vehicle anti-theft recording security electronic vehicle an Android operating system IOS system closer to intelligent HD and network, 720p, 1080p or more high resolution monitoring products has become the mainstream market monitoring, and network to replace the traditional analog transmission mode, become the definition of the best of a carrier. Although traditional vehicle monitoring system is to simulate the monitoring sing leading role, but from the beginning of last year, part of the pioneering manufacturers began to gradually, the pilot of the new HD solution to solve the vehicle monitoring industry overall control is ineffective situation, like foreign an Xunshi and domestic Saite beauty very early into the field of high-definition vehicle monitoring, Warburg shares industry also developed for online insurance claims in vehicle network monitoring system. Some of the exhibition in China, the image effect of HD vehicle monitoring better aroused visitors praise, the subversion of the original vehicle monitoring system can only be visible, and did not see the problem. Monitoring vehicle NVR HD IPC, is beyond the traditional analog control. "Now monitoring the market overall is walk towards a full digital, full HD, on the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the first tier cities market has been in operation, and the second and third tier cities is still in wait-and-see state, the current market monitoring the no a system of standards, the majority of enterprises are to go toward the standard, small business development is in a passive situation, large enterprises monopoly, competition is more intense." Shenzhen city beauty Vehicle Co. Ltd. director Seth Monitoring Division Marketing for monitoring the market view so yongyu. Shenzhen Saite beauty Vehicle Co., Ltd. analysis, from the point of view of the overall trend of the development of the current security industry, intelligent and networking is the main development direction of current network monitoring. The use of stable performance, HD demand, and mobile phone are monitoring a future orientation. With the wisdom of the city's fall, monitoring will be widely used in various aspects of society, family, car, if the user's sense of security, privacy protection, practical use of monitoring will increase. for current vehicle DVR devices, although already on the basis of the original functions, added to the multimedia, navigation and other functions and even, but relatively independent single operation mode still greatly limits the Car DVR function into full play. After all, compared to a complete monitoring system, only one or two monitoring points to monitor the vehicle really have no too many stand-alone memory value. If you do not implement the network is introduced, external communication, its attraction is certainly difficult to let people spend. Although the current wireless transmission technology has made great development, but not only as 2.5G edge bandwidth is not enough, 3G technology is only suitable for transmission 4cif video, this also let Car DVR Internet in a short period of time or and can not be expected that. In addition, the development of intelligent vehicle equipment is another important aspect of DVR in the future to attract users. Because the traditional video monitoring system is in the data information storage, to extract valuable information through the late review. So this work is undoubtedly very passive. If the intelligent function of vehicle DVR given more words, then not only itself can have more independent work ability. At the same time, it can also be effective in the security monitoring system of the whole city, in this case. The important change of vehicle monitoring status will. The car DVR will usher in its new mission. Through the above description can be found. The car DVR has a bright future, but in the bright future and there is a sort of bottleneck. If this is not the bottleneck breakthrough, then the car DVR will bound hard in a very small market. And if we can under the function of network and intelligence to help monitor vehicle breaks through the limit of the bottleneck, then future vehicle monitoring vehicle anti-theft recording electronic security will be more into people's lives


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